Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Yes, I did take the leap and buy the Cricut Imagine!  I got a really good deal on it and have seen it on ebay for 160 dollars!!  The machine is so cool!  It will print and cut out images from both my original file of cartridges and the new Imagine cartridges.  Hooked up to my Gypsy it can do everything my Expression 2 can do and more.  The major drawback right now is finding replacement ink cartridges (although I do not need them yet, I like to have a couple on hand just in case because it is a long drive to find one around here!)
I am waiting for an RMA label for the my Gypsy though, because it has a charging issue (it is over a year old but they will still fix it for me at no charge!)  Love the customer service at Provo Craft!!
I do not have any pictures of projects to post yet, but I will soon.  I have been playing with it working on my grandson's second scrapbook. 
I have seen some posts asking why anyone would need a machine that prints when you can cut out images on printed paper or use the Copics to color the images yourself.  I actually felt that way myself until I got into researching the Imagine.  I must admit, I am a gadget freak!!!  I love learning about the latest gadgets and figuring out the bugs.  I did the same thing recently with the IPhone Tiffany got me for Mother's Day.
I am hoping technology will keep my brain cells from drying up with old age!!! 
I wish I could update you on the new program from Provo Craft that is to replace Design Studio called Craft Room, but so far they don't have a release date.

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