Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gavin's First Birthday

Yes, I did buy a Cricut Mini Cake Machine!  Actually two, one to try and sell on Ebay to help pay for the one for class.  Since my daughter,Tiffany, had long ago declared she ws making the cake for Gavin's Birthday, I backed off on interferring.  I did, however, make some awesome decorations for the cake, put them in the freezer and then we drove off to Mesa leaving them still in the freezer!!
So much for the best laid plans of mice and men!!  Tiffany did a marvelous job herself, so I will have to give her a big hand.  The family has dubbed her "Mini Martha"!

 My husband, Raymond, came up with some great ideas though for decorating the Little Tykes black pick-up truck that was to be his present.  I used my Cricut to cut out his name, his daddy's business logo ( and German for goodbye on the tailgate!!  This was for his German grandparents in Germany.  I added the "Autobahn Cowboy" on the front but then discovered I spelt it wrong.  I will correct it and bring it to San Diego when we go over there for Christmas.  I have included a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.  The Cricut was used on his birthday mobile and the car.  Just a few ideas for anyone to use, if they so desire.  To cut out the letters for the car, I used red vinyl on the tailgate.  Then I tried out the new Cricut printable vinyl for the rest.  It is white and I think, a bit thicker.  I loved working with it, it cuts out beautifully and I used my Copic markers to color the Dotworkz logo blue.  This stuff takes the Copics beautifully!!!  I was so pleased with the results, and of course, it has adhesive backing so you can stick it on anything!!!  One more thing, I cut some to the 81/2 x 11" AND RAN IT THRU MY PRINTER!  The results were amazing. The sheets come in 12 x 12 inches.

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